Environmental Awareness

Imagem da Environmental Awareness

Any industrial activity always presents itself as a disturbance to the surrounding environment. The quarries, where that impact is most visible, are a target of objection many times. However, and mainly when compared to other activities, in reality quarries are not the polluting element that many believe them to be.rer.

When companies painstakingly comply with the environmental protection regulations, the impact caused by extraction can be drastically reduced. At FAFstone, the environment is a priority.

We manipulate and transform the natural product without the use of elements that may be toxic for the earth or water, at the same time that the impact produced by the noise level is reduced thanks to the use of the best explosive techniques as well as the use of equipment with low noise levels.

Relatively to the impact on the landscape, which is normally what influences public opinion the most, it is a minimizable and temporary impact that will disappear as soon as the quarry’s landscape recuperation is concluded.