We know that our founding principle, “… to be the best customer driven organization that meets or exceeds client’s expectation….” is the reason for our success.

Fafstone is committed to high quality standards and strongly believes that Quality must involve all employees throughout the entire organization. We know that our founding principle, “… to be the best customer driven organization that meets or exceeds client’s expectation….” is the reason for our success.

In order to keep up with the pace of growth, and to provide consistent procedures across all projects and divisions.

Realizing each project carries its own special needs, we tailor a project specific Quality Control Plan for each project we undertake. Items such as workmanship, documentation, material storage, submittals, as-builts, and non-conformance work are all addressed. Detailed procedures for testing, and quality assurance are further addressed as specific areas of importance for each project.

Commitment to Quality
We strive to create the best value for our clients by delivering the most reliable and effective products for their business in the market place.



• Continually monitor the quality of our products through daily inspections and periodical internal and external audits.
• Ensure strict compliance with standards and product specifications.
• Regularly assess the quality of our products with respect to our customer’s requirements and other products in the market place and optimize our products accordingly.

•Ensure that employees are adequately trained on the importance of their activities in achieving high standards of quality performance.
• Identify and reduce the risks of quality incidents in our operation.
• Ensure continuous improvement of quality management in our operations by setting and reviewing measurable objectives and targets.
• Periodically review and revise our Integrated Management System.


Long before the ISO and OHSAS 18001 - 2007 certifications, we continuously sought to always improve HSE practices. We have worked also to efficiently incorporate our HSE moral and legal obligations for each and every work process.

We operate on the premise that all accidents are preventable and we will make every effort to identify HSE hazards, associated risks and implement control measures utilizing the three hierarchies of hazards control, which are:

• Elimination of the risk where possible.
• Mitigating/minimizing the risk by substitution, engineering control and/or isolation.
• Where the risk cannot be eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level, we employ administrative control and PPE.


We are proud to say that our HSE achievements today are not only dependent on the steadfastness of the senior management’s persistence towards a Zero Accident Policy but also on the conscientious efforts of all employees to make safety everyone’s responsibility and to be proactive in preventing incidents.

Rewards and recognition are used to motivate our teams where certificates and cash awards are given to HSE most conscious workers. We believe that the backbone of our success is the collective effort of the entire team. All failures are taken as a challenge and are dealt with very seriously.

We believe that our visitors, subcontractors, suppliers and clients are an extension of the FAFstone family and their integration into our HSE system of work is essential. HSE induction is mandatory for everyone before entering our sites. We are committed to educate and train each employee in safe working practices. No person shall be required or instructed to work under conditions that are unsafe.

Each employee has a duty to report workplace unsafe Acts/Conditions or any situation that may harm the environment and to take reasonable actions to alleviate such risks. To ensure implementation of a sound HSE system, FAFstone safety team conducts daily, weekly and monthly inspections along with consultants and project management teams.

We strongly believe that being proactive and providing required and appropriate support are essential elements to our HSE approach which has resulted in saving lives, monetary gains, public image, respect and recognition. Needless to say, our overall safety performance “Severity and Incident” rates are below any published statistics.


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